A little project I got in mind!

Howdy people. It’s been quite some time since I wrote something new. Well I guess a lot happened in the last six months and there was never enough time to write.

So yeah. I’m still alive. Still playing video games, but…… lately I’ve met a certain someone whom I won’t say the name (I have yet to tell her that I’m mentioning her here =) ) so we kind of hooked up but she’s not all that into gaming so we end up, usually, watching movies and do some other stuff like play some card games and yaddady daaa…boring stuff. That got me thinking that I need something new, something that I can enjoy doing and hopefully she’ll be hooked too while we cruise around and hope for stuff to happen.

Ok so here’s the deal. It was Christmas and all that super-duper let’s go spend money and buy stuff for people…I got some presents from my mum and this girl (which I’m not gonna say what our relationship is…as even I don’t know =) )….hmm maybe I said too much…ahh who cares…back to the point. The only one who didn’t give me anything is my brother, but he said I need to tell him what I want. Since I’ve got all the consoles for gaming and pretty much every thing that goes along with them…I wanted to try something I always enjoyed but never got into it that much. I wrote him a mail stating that I want this. Yep, I want a camera so I can film stuff. But this is a marvel of technology. It’s small…no’s super small…(42mm x 60mm x 30mm) and it can film movies in 1080p (30fps) for about 4 hours on a 32GB stick. That’s sick. The main reason why I wanted a camera like this is because we all know, I got my bike and I’m going to go on a lot of trips and I want to share them with you.

So…as I’m waiting for a reply from my brother if hes willing to get me this camera (and he must…since I’ve gone waaay over my budget sometimes khm*new laptop*khm) it’s not that big of a deal spending 300$ or preferably around 225€ for me. His little brother =) As I was saying….I intend to get that peace of technology and while I wait, I stumbled across something called “Glidecam or DIY (Do It Yourself?) Steadicam“. That’s a gizmo that you can build yourself for like 10€ or something and it works just like a 800€ professional steady cam would. What the thing does as you can guess by the name it nullifies the hand jerkiness you usually get when you’re recording and moving around. So it’s a great piece of engineering that’s makes you think like the camera is flying around therefore it’s easier to see what’s happening and it’s more enjoyable to watch. So yeah. Basically I’m gonna build my own glidecam and hope to get the GoPro HD cam as soon as possible. In the meantime…Keep on rocking!

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