Just a test

Hey there folks. How are you doing? So…this is jut a test and a little life update post because as some of you may know I kind of quit the PC gaming for a while and I have my reasons. One of them is that my graphics card is slowly dying or something. It works just fine then after a couple of minutes it just loses like half of the frames and all the system becomes laggy. Then I tried to lower the settings but with no luck. And this brings me to my next reason for quitting. I am that kind of person that puts the graphic quality of the game in the same region as the gameplay and story. So the problem with PC gaming is that I have a big control over these settings and basically I can turn most of the fatures off and that kind of ruins the game. This means that I’m not playing the game as the creator/designer intended.

Well since I’m writing this post from my iPhone in the comfort of my bed I’l give some more details for some reasons why I think PC gaming is slowly dying when I get behind my cranky PC. So until then what do you think about my view? Is PC gaming slowly dying because developers put more effort into consoles and don’t bother to optimize the game for technically millions of PC rigs (dual-cores , quad-cores, i7 processors)? Tell your story!

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