Energy Drinks!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these, so I guess it was time to do a little update. As some of you may remember I’ve started collecting all the different kinds of energy drinks with their crazy can-art in like 2008…more precisely it was summer of 2008 and it started because I was listening a podcast of arrowpointingdown (which later became and they tested all sorts of different drinks but I stuck only with energy drinks. So I immediately went to the local store and got a bunch of energy drinks and started drinking them with my buddy Desperado. The idea instantly clicked to collect them and so the quest for energy cans started. And here we are. This is my little collection of energy drinks I collected over 3 years. Some of them are from Italy, UK but mostly from my country. I would like to try out all the different kinds of energy drinks that are out there in the world so if someone can hook me up with some from your country that I don’t already have would be extra cool. You can write me an email for my address and we can arrange some kind of deal 😉 So without further ado here’s the picture with the total of 51. There’s some bottles too…which I’ll add later 😉

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